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Jul. 21st, 2017

[info]intern in [info]incompletedata

My aunt is going to kill me.

Do any of these phones out? I mean. I know we're... in the past. Or something. But like, I watched Doctor Who. And there's this episode in the first season where the Doctor (he's like a time traveler) and Rose (his companion's name was Rose) go to the distant future where like, the world is ending because the sun went supernova. And like, they're in this space ship to watch the earth's last moments. And Rose realizes she needs to call her mom, and then the Doctor is like "oh hey you can use this phone," and so she DOES, and then it works even though it's like a million years from now, so like. Really, 70 years is like, basically nothing. I know a guy from now. Like, not well, or anything. I just met him a few times. He's super old old. Like super old.

.... Anyway.

I'm Peter.


Jul. 20th, 2017

[info]burgerking in [info]incompletedata

So I got kidnapped by evil doctors to test humanity’s will?

And they “want to play a game?”

I thought copycat killers were supposed to be based on real murderers.

[info]mostresilient in [info]incompletedata

[Robin Hood]
I've recently learned something that has lead me to question a conversation that we had some time ago. Perhaps you can help put my mind at ease.

Do you really see me as a jewel among women, Robin? Or was that compliment a ruse to prevent me from hindering your chances of successfully completing your task?

[info]fkajewel in [info]incompletedata

At least it's not Monopoly.

[info]fknaudrey in [info]incompletedata

Really? Really?


I've survived two serial killers and a psycho mass-murdering stalker only to end up in a real-life game of CLUE? It's official, God is dead.

And I need a drink. Several drinks. In succession. Shots. Tequila.

[info]pethdorn in [info]incompletedata

[ Leia ]
So, I don't have any money - but I think the music in the bar's pretty much on a suggested donation basis. What do you say to tea and a show?

After I'm done hauling rocks. And bathing. Promise.

[info]freezerburns in [info]incompletedata

if anyone's got requests, i'll be down at the bar til closing.

[echo scientist]

thanks for last night. you're not bad, for a scientist.

[info]extrasecurity in [info]incompletedata

Are we certain that the people here are not real? This morning, walking through the area, I found two children crying over rubble. It turns out, their parents were killed during a raid last night. I helped them to a shelter. There was nothing contrived in their grief.

[info]theblur in [info]incompletedata

If anyone plans to go out into the city for any reason but doesn't have someone they know here to go with or doesn't know who to ask, let me know. I know it's been said before but no one should be going out alone. I'll go with you.


I know I'm not
I know you're not

Are you all right? Do you need anything?

[info]holiness in [info]incompletedata

Are we
do you

It doesn't matter
[Tony Stark (616)]
It's a half life.

[info]bucky in [info]incompletedata

[Filtered to Steve Rogers (MCU)]
You gotten your marching orders from your block yet?

Jul. 19th, 2017

[info]professorwheels in [info]incompletedata

In the interest of transparency, Mike has provided his block a list that includes all of the circus tasks distributed to everyone and who completed, attempted or failed their task.

[Hank McCoy, Jean Grey (Romeo), Logan, Kitty Pryde]
I think the key to solving this quickly and efficiently is by ensuring that we all have the information needed to do so. Every individual brings new insight into events such as these and can see scenarios differently, allowing for the puzzle of who the apparent murderer will be to be solved.

I would like for us to share what we each learn. I believe there is at least one member from each block included in this filter.

[info]andor in [info]incompletedata

[Jyn Erso]
I don't know about you, but I couldn't give a Garbage rat's ass whether Hotel wins this game or not. I say we leak to Echo. I'm worried about how Bodhi will fair, otherwise. What do you think? Maybe your father
[Bodhi Rook]
Much better than the train car, these hotel rooms. How is yours? Is your roommate nice to you?

[info]jedikiller in [info]incompletedata

It turns out, even with my powers temporarily removed, I'm still an excellent thief. Wonder where I got that from?

Did you know that Phasma is... fraternizing with Krennic?

[info]shootfirst in [info]incompletedata

I did not get a single goddamn bit of sleep last night.

I know recent news has changed a lot of things, but despite that, we still need to stick together in order to maintain our supply of resources. The last two days, I've been scouting the area on my own and I've got some good leads but I know better than to go in by myself.

Rey has already offered to go with me, but I'd at least like a third or to put together teams of two to go out with me in subsequent days. If anyone's up for digging through rubble and abandoned buildings and potentially fighting off less than savory sorts, let me know.

[Kylo Ren]
Your Lieutenant is loud. And vocal. And swears a considerable amount more than I'd have expected. But damn those legs.

Did you know she and Director Krennic were..?

[info]churning in [info]incompletedata

Alright, here's the thing.

Apparently, we're all playing a very elaborate game of CLUE and for some insane reason the scientists have selected me as your representative I can only assume it's because Big H likes me the best. So say hello to Colonel Mustard.

What this means is, we've gathered - the other representatives and I - is that there is a killer somewhere in this hotel. One of the general population. Whether the murders are real or not, we don't know yet because none of them have happened but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that they're just going to disappear us one by one and leave behind clues for us to solve.

The thing is, only one block can win this and the block wins as a whole. So we need to work together. Which was exactly what I was talking about before, for those of you who were involved in that disaster of a conversation. Which, full disclosure, was my task at the circus so I'm sorry about that. But it all came from a completely genuine place, at the same time. Because my boss says I'm the worst liar he's ever met.

Anyway. If one of you has been tapped to be the killer, you need to tell me so I can protect you because the other blocks are going to be trying to find out who you are and we need them not to. Because we need them not to win. And if our game turns from deduction to sabotage, then it needs to turn that way now - because while November and Echo might be smart, sabotage is what we do.

That's it. Let me know if you need anything or find anything.

[info]agentthirteen in [info]incompletedata

[Filtered to Mike Block]

While we are still trying to figure out how to handle the matter of the List we were given, we also have a higher priority that needs to be addressed.

It was speculated and now confirmed that the scientists further plan to test us by immersing us in a murder mystery. Namely, Clue. At this time, nothing has happened, but I would advise everyone to be prepared and keep close watch on your roommates and friends.

Cosima Niehaus is Mrs. Peacock from Echo, Pamela Isley is Miss Scarlet from Romeo, Amos Burton is Col. Mustard from Hotel, Ian Malcolm is Prof. Plum from November, and our own Obadiah Stane is Mr. Green. If you are not aware of these individuals, they are easily identifiable by their unique outfits. Be aware that they also may possess weapons, but I do not currently suspect that the murderer is selected from this group of chosen individuals.

Once again, Mike is in a unique position, as I am also representing Mrs. White and the lead detective in this scenario. Because it appears our scientist is in charge of this experiment, that may explain our advantage. However, abusing these advantages may put our block and the constitution we have been promoting at risk. We all have friends in other blocks that we can easily go to for information, but be aware they may be doing the same to you and that they have plenty of incentive to lie. We do not want to appear that we are putting our block's interests ahead of the collective, but at this point each block is also out for themselves. In Mike's own words- "Like all games, there can only be one winner. Your block is your hivemind. Protect your own interests and things will go well for you. Don’t, and they won’t."

As such, I want the clues we gather to be as close to the original source as possible, and information we gather through secondary sources to be clearly identified as such. Once we have more information on how this works, I expect everyone in this block to participate in gathering information and reporting it back to the block. Maria Hill, do you think you can handle organizing this information?

We must decide how we are going to play this, and if the List will be utilized for these purposes. Normally I do not condone blackmail, but right now we cannot trust any other block to be truthful or cooperative. While winning is at the forefront of every block's minds, and we cannot fault anyone for this, finding the murderer as quickly as possible is still top priority. We should not be putting prizes or awards above lives.

I will share any further updates as they become available to me.

[info]strawfeminist in [info]incompletedata

If anyone's having trouble adapting to a mostly vegetarian diet, I figured I'd offer advice. There's a lot you can do with potatoes, carrots, and creativity.

[Filtered to Romeo Block]
So here's the deal.
  1. They are fucking with us
  2. They want us to play along in groups.

We're playing Clue. For those of you from space, it's a game where people are trapped in a locked house and someone gets murdered. The trick is to figure out the murderer, the location, and the weapon through deduction and cheating off the reflection of the person who's sitting across from you.

Only one block can win, and for some reason, I seem like the crime-fighting type to them. I'm your leader. I assume this means someone's showing up dead soon. So if you happen to show up dead, please filter your block with details before or while being murdered. But preferably, try not to get killed and if you see something, say something, etc etc. (God I'm even thinking in propaganda posters now.)

So in any case, that's the story. Shall we discuss?

[Filtered to Clue Principals (Sharon Carter 616, Obadiah Stane, Ian Malcolm, Cosima Niehaus, and Amos Burton)]
Are the superfriends cancelled now?

[info]nolongerperfect in [info]incompletedata

This is a lot more red than I'm used to wearing.

Name's Dean, and I just got out of my cage.

[info]rocinante in [info]incompletedata

Colonel Mustard, I presume?

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