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Nov. 22nd, 2017

[info]nolongerperfect in [info]incompletedata

Pretty sure pink camouflage doesn't really help with the whole blending into your surroundings idea. But I do appreciate the warmth, also the pencils.

[info]sorcerersupreme in [info]incompletedata

When do we get the disco back?

[info]iconicreporter in [info]incompletedata

[Sharon Carter (616)]
Want to hit up a museum with me tomorrow? I'd have suggested today but I want to soak in my tub for a few hours.

[info]b_a_n_a_n_a_s in [info]incompletedata

Out of curiosity, how many New Yorkers do we have here? It seems like people are overall pretty familiar with Central Park.

[Filtered to Sharon Carter 616]
I dropped of a revised summary of the Woman in White with my mission report.

How do you want to do this?

[info]_scamander in [info]incompletedata

New York is very different from the last time I saw it.

[info]tahani in [info]incompletedata

I do not sleep in a pod. This is an absolute outrage.

I'd like to file a formal complaint to the management.

[info]blindlawyer in [info]incompletedata

Home sweet home? Though I don't think it's ever been this quiet and empty. Who wants a tour?

Nov. 21st, 2017

[info]babysitter in [info]incompletedata

This is not how I expected to get to New York City.

[info]ariverunsthru in [info]incompletedata

want to explore?

[info]alleycat in [info]incompletedata

Does anyone have black dye?

Did you make it back, kid?

[info]pottsresilient in [info]incompletedata

:( I can see my apartment from here.

That's maybe crueler than the Frankenstein thing.

[info]speedheart in [info]incompletedata

There's trails. Who wants to race? ;) ;)

[info]skelepuns in [info]incompletedata

Guess I just collect blue coats, now. Anyone need a spare? I prefer mine.

That was what I'm gonna call not fun. Points for creativity, I guess.

[Sam, the ex-Philippe]

I just want to apologize for...that. That's not who I am. I'm sure that's not who you are either but I just...feel really weird. We've never talked much before and I don't like that we got introduced like that. Puts a bad taste in my mouth.

[Steven Universe]

You make it through okay, kid?

[info]bulwark_ in [info]incompletedata

I may be alone in this but I think that that was...quite fun, actually. It felt good to be able to paint again. And to be relieved of my memories for however brief a time Alright Lucy, that's enough of that I have spent a lot of time living a lot of lives, though, so perhaps that is why.

Love the jacket I received, too. Capes improve everything.

[info]monkeybumface in [info]incompletedata

I'm gonna take a long hot shower and then who wants to go to the zoo?!?

[info]thewittgenstein in [info]incompletedata

Wittgenstein Reward: Central Perk. )

[info]halflistening in [info]incompletedata

I'm... Yeah. I'm going to wait out this countdown in the tavern getting shitfaced, because fuck this place. (Sorry parents + children.) Anyone in?

[Bucky Barnes(AA)]

So, yeah... I think this counts as an annulment? Or a divorce? Something. But if you need anything or want to talk or whatever, hmu.

[Bucky Barnes (MCU)]

FWIW: You were the sassiest bitch I ever met and I was super messed up when you died. You cool now?

[info]america in [info]incompletedata

Looks like the clock is back to ticking.

[Bucky Barnes (MCU)]
I can't tell if it's because of everything that's been going on or not. And maybe this isn't the right time for this, but -- before we ended up here -- I was starting to get the impression that you were avoiding me and I'm not sure I know why.

[Sam Wilson]
You're well-versed in the interpersonal skills that I usually lack, right?

[Diana Prince]
What do you make of all this?

[Tony Stark]
I would never have pegged you as a Sherlock Holmes fan.

[info]gravebusiness in [info]incompletedata

I never did get that rich husband I was looking for. I'm so disappointed.

[info]thewittgenstein in [info]incompletedata


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